Washington DC, along with the whole nation and the world, is several weeks into social distancing and by now, with the majority of us taking Zoom meetings in our coziest home clothes, family face time with our face masks on or taking a plunge into making our own meals.

With everybody under the sun proposing some kind of self-care post, you are probably an expert now when it comes to self-care home rituals but what in terms of cannabis pairing? Over the past month stuck in quarantine, we’ve indulged in bunch of activities that bring us relaxation, creativeness, effortless and some productivity. To make this a little more easy for you, we selected perfect cannabis products from our gift offerings at Exotic Blooms Cannabis Delivery for your quarantine self-care whims:

The Creative Self-Care Approach

With weeks of social distancing unlocking your hidden creativity Washington DC, your self-care approach has probably included more artistic activities such as painting – professionally and by the numbers. Whether tapping into your inner Bob Ross or learning a new TikTok clout or dusting off your MFA to put ideas down to paper, pair your creative ventures with the following hybrid cannabis gifts:

1. Heavy Hitters’ Cannabis Vape Cartridges is there when you need a creative inspiration, this California popular heavy-hitting oils will give you the energetic buzz you need to finally give your dog the oil canvas painting portrait she deserves.

2. Reward yourself every time you master a new online tutorial with Sugar Stoned Edibles. With 8+ available flavors in variations of rings, worms, bears and belts, these these refreshing hybrid delicacies make for a wonderful morning and afternoon companion for your creative soul-searching.

3. Conquer your writer’s block and foray into the depths of your left brain with a 1g Remedy Concentrated Hybrid Preroll. This premium preroll made from real exotic nugs and not shake, comes waxed and kiefed and will summon the most artistic version of yourself.

The Productive Self-Care Approach

Self-care and productivity? Many people feel a greater sense of control over their day  after they have everything organized. Weeks of social distancing and stay at home has probably evoked feelings of curiosity which has led to some of us enrolling into Anna Wintour’s Masterclass, or to learn the art of producing and betaking with Timbaland. To be energetic and stay laser focused and in great mood while crushing your goals of the week, you’ll want to get yourself some Sativa gifts:

4. Online learning has been more of a reality now with some of us having a lot more time on our hands with social distancing in effect. This  potent strain which is crossed with Jamican Pearl and Nepalese Jam, Pearl Jam sativa strain carries notes of tart and fruitiness for an easy, balanced productive high.

5. Your apartment’s toughest stains never stood a chance against the dynamic daytime high you’ll get from Eureka’s Blue Dream, Tangie and Durban Poison  cartridge. Channel your energy toward some much needed Marie Kondo approved home cleaning.

6. Smash your learning goals with Sweeter High’s Chamoy Gummies. This sweet and high intensity of these gummies produces a sativa/cerebral high compared to the Sugar Stoned gummies.

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