The Best Weed Delivery of D.C.

The decriminalization of possessing small quantity of recreational cannabis was approved by Washington D.C. voters. Since this historic moment on February 26, 2015, legalization measure has been in full effect throughout the district, and the locals, including Virginia and Maryland locals, love it.

Now there are several weed headshops across the District of Colombia and in addition to gifting recreational cannabis, they also have bongs and rolling papers which are key essential complimentary goods that go with the availability of DC weed. What is even more better for DC cannabis consumers is that they can simply shoot a text in and have it delivered directly to their door!

The best weed delivery companies in DC offer fast, efficient and the most professional services. One particular cannabis  delivery business which stands out the most, even among politicians, is Exotic Blooms DC. They go through proper bud tending and handling of weed to ensure what you get is fresh and in the upmost most sanitized way possoble.

When Washington DC Cannabis Enthusiast go to to shop for cannabis i71 gifts, they go through a simple 3 step process:

1) Shop for Items

Browse the online weed i71 gift store to look for the products you want. The categories include cannabis flower, blunts, pre-rolls, edibles, carts, and concentrates. Then once you decided on your i71 cannabis gifts, call/text 202-317-9158 to place your order which will be confirmed by someone

2) Provide Delivery Address Information

The first part of the checkout will require you to provide your delivery address you wish to meet your driver. You must provide a physical address that is in the Washington, D.C. area along with a selfie and a photo of your government issued ID.

3) Confirmation + Out For Delivery 

Once your order is out for delivery, you will be contacted by the driver with an ETA. Cash only please for Bloom Stickers, exact amount as driver will not have change or additional gifts on hand.


Best Weed Delivery In Washington DC

Exotic Blooms is the only weed delivery business in the Washington D.C. DMV area that has very high quality, medical grade cannabis coming straight from California and is exceptionally prompt with their deliveries and has the best ordering process companioned by stellar customer service. But this is what you can expect from any professional weed company that complies with the law and gifts high-quality cannabis products.

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