Play Doh Cake Sueprare

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Hybrid Balanced (50/50):  ≈ 30+% – Not too much is known about the strain prior to it coming to our shop, however local DC Connoisseurs Toker’s Guide gave Play Doh Cake a test run and here is a quick excerpt from their analysis of the strain:

“The flavor profile being close to an intensely strong London Poundcake is somewhat of a giveaway that this has heredity from the Cookies family. Knowing the LPC was was a cross of Sunset Sherbet and an unknown indica, perhaps this is Sunset Sherbet crossed with a different indica? Or, more likely, perhaps someone crossed LPC with another flavorful and robust strain? If I had to guess I would point to another “cookie” or “cake” cultivar as the other parent in this cross.”

Toker’s Guide’s in-depth review of the strain here.

  • 3.5 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Small Sticker – $100

Toker’s Guide’s in-depth review of the strain here.

1 review for Play Doh Cake Sueprare

  1. Anthony

    5 outta 5

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