Currently, psychedelic mushrooms are illegal in Washington DC but it was voted to be decriminalized this past ballot. Now Magic Mushrooms will be a low priority for law enforcement agencies to arrest adults over age 21 who grow or distribute psychedelic mushrooms.

The initiative does not legalize psychedelics or mushrooms in DC like initiative 71 legalized marijuana in 2014. However, it will take the pressure off of those who could benefit from the therapeutic uses of mushrooms without worrying about police involvement or law enforcement.

Scientific evidence suggests that magic mushrooms and many other psychedelics are medicinal in nature. People who use mushrooms report an increase in openness and deep introspective personality shifts as well as an uptick in creativity. Tripping chemically alters your brain in a way that helps it to make subconscious connections while you are conscious. This helps with things like PTSD and repressed memory management. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that mushrooms can help break bad habits and addictions as well as help reduce depression.

Overall, the experience of using mushrooms can best be described as a focused, connected way to interact with and examine your inner life. You will make connections that have never occurred to you. You are likely to appreciate those around you and nature in a more profound way. You will feel grounded and part of the earth. You may laugh, you may sing but you will definitely emerge as a different person. May you travel safely and peacefully.

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